FLAC Entropy Optimizer

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XiFEO optimizes the entropy of high resolution audio files to make sure that a standard FLAC encoder achieves in average a 30% – 50% higher compression rate. This is useful for mobile high resolution audio players with limited memory or streaming services that need to use their available bandwidth efficiently.


  • Compatible to Windows and OS X
  • 64Bit High Precision Audio Engine
  • Input Audio Formats: FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF
  • Output Audio Format: FLAC
  • SNR Analysis to identify the number of bits submerged in noise
  • Identifying the highest frequency components containing music
  • Apply dithered bit truncation and out of band noise filtering
  • Metadata transfer (album, title, artist, cover, etc.) between all file formats that include metadata
  • Multi-Threading to allow the conversion of several audio files in parallel
  • Batch processing with freely configurable output file names

For more details visit theĀ XiFEO product page.


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