The music microscope

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MusicScope will help you to analyze your valuable music! It allows a deep look into your music library to visualize all quality degrading aspects.

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The MusicScope is a high precision measuring tool that works as an Audio-Microscope to visualize the different quality aspects of a music collection.

The implementation of international audio standards (EBU R128 and ITU-R BS-1770) allows a full comparability to professional studio software but with the advantage of being usable without the deep knowledge of an audio engineer. It is possible to analyze digital music but also analog sources like LPs or tape records.

Integrated modules (Jitter- and THD-Analyzer) allow the measurement of HiFi-Components (e.g. Digital to Analog Converters or Headphone Amplifiers).



  • Compatible to Windows and macOS
  • Supported Audio Formats, Sample Rates and Bit Depth:
    • PCM 44.1 kHz – 384 kHz
    • DSD64, DSD128 (Double DSD), DSD256 (Quadruple DSD) and DSD512 (Octuple DSD)
    • 1 Bit, 16 Bit, 24 Bit and 32 Bit
  • Realtime analysis of external audio sources via audio input (e.g. Line-In)
  • Batch processing of playlists for a fast analysis of a larger music collection.
  • A VST/AU-Plugin-Adapter connects the MusicScope to a VST/AU Host (e.g. Audio Player or Digital Audio Workstation)
  • Automatic recognition of the real bandwidth of high-resolution audio files
  • Professional measurement in Left/Right or Mid/Side mode
  • True Peak Meter:
    • Detection of Inter Sample Peaks
    • Measured Data: Peak, RMS, Crest and PLR
  • Loudness Measurements (EBU R128 and ITU-R BS-1770)
    • Measured Data: Momentary-, Short-Term-, Integrated-Loudness and Loudness Range (LRA)
  • Loudness- & TPL-Histogram:
    • Display of Loudness- and TPL-Distribution
  • Bit-Monitor:
    • Validation whether all bits are used and no regular patterns appear
  • DC-Indicator:
    • Direct Current indicator to reveal any DC offset
  • History-Circle:
    • Display of the Peak- and Loudness-Values as well as the Mid/Side measurements over the whole track
  • Stereo-Meter:
    • Vector Scope, Balance Indicator and Correlation Meter
  • Frequency Spectrum:
    • Linear and logarithmic mode
    • Determination of frequency and amplitude via mouse pointer
    • Left and right channel separated or together
  • Spectrogram – Spectrum over time with numerous configuration options:
    • Maximum, Average, Minimum
    • Monochrome- and Color Mode
  • Cepstrum:
    • Detailed analysis of harmonics
  • Panorama Position and Correlation:
    • Display of the correlation between the left and right channel over the whole Frequency-Range to identify cancellations
    • Position of the frequencies within the left and right channel
  • Reporting:
    • Export of graphic und text based reports
  • Jitter Analyzer Module:
    • Measurement of the Digital to Analog Converter quality
  • THD Analyzer Module:
    • Measurement of the Total Harmonic Distortions of DA-Converters, Headphone Amplifiers, etc.


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