HUM Suppressor
HUM Removal

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The HUM Suppressor removes very efficiently power line hum of 50 Hz and 60 Hz as well as their harmonic frequencies up to 5 kHz and 6 kHz.
Power line hum is a huge problem for high impedance measurements (e.g. electrophysiological measurements like EEG, EKG and EMG).
Music recordings via the High-Z input are also prone to induced power line hum.


  • Compatible to Windows and OS X
  • Highly efficient HUM-Filter for 60 Hz and 50 Hz power line frequencies
  • Supported Signal Frequency Range: 0 Hz – 96 kHz (depends on the used sound card)
  • Dynamic range depending on OS and sound card (16 Bit => 96 dB or 24 Bit => 144 dB)
  • Manual Gain Slider including Automatic Gain Control
  • Input- and Output-Level Display
  • 64 Bit Signal Processing

For more details visit the HUM Suppressor product page.


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