The MusicScope Server offers the permanent monitoring of an input folder to analyze new incoming audio files automatically.
Comprehensive configuration possibilities make it easy to define several automated actions. Autonomous algorithms sort out suspicious audio files to be examined at a later stage.
Extensive reports of different formats (Text, JSON or Graphical) summarize all measurement results for an offline evaluation.
The MusicScope Server is especially interesting for media companies (e.g. Streaming Provider, Digital Content Distributors, etc.) who need to check the quality aspects of hundreds of audio files every day.

If you want to learn more about the capabilities of the MusicScope Server then we like to recommend a test of the MusicScope customer release, which covers a similar range of functions. Please contact us via to get more information about our interesting license program to customize the MusicScope Server for your special demands.



Automatic Analysis:

  • True Peak Level – Detection of Inter Sample Peaks
  • Loudness Range (Dynamic Range)
  • Magnitude of Inter Sample Peaks
  • Determination of the highest frequency containing music. This is especially interesting for High Resolution Audio tracks.
  • Audio file consistency check (e.g. header data verification)

Set the target folders:

  • Input folder
  • Output folder
  • Folder for suspicious audio files
  • Folder for faulty audio files
  • Report folder

Define the values for the accepted limits:

  • Declare the lower frequency limit that should still contain music
  • Set the minimum Loudness Range (LRA)
  • Define the allowed amount of Inter Sample Peaks
  • Set the maximum acceptable True Peak Level (TPL)


  • Text based reports
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) formatted reports
  • Graphical presentation of the measurement results

Configuration via:

  • Command line
  • Configuration script
MusicScope Server Flow


MusicScope Server Console

MusicScope Server console output of the „help“ command

Example of a configuration script:

setInput /Users/home/input
setOutput /Users/home/output
setSuspected /Users/home/suspected
setError /Users/ home/error
setReport /Users/ home/report
setCOF 22000 22000 44000 44000 44000 44000
setIS 500
setLRA 2.0
setTPL 0.0
setReporting true true true
setValidationParams true true true true true

MusicScope Graphical Report

Automatically generated graphical report

MusicScope Text Report

Text based report

MusicScope JSON Report

Extract from a JSON formatted report