Version 1.1.10 (03.11.2017):

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
  • The Apple version of the program got an update to avoid the false positive trojan warning caused by the Gatekeeper on older OS X versions.

Version 1.1.9 (10.10.2017):

  • BugFix: The latest version wasn’t able to handle mp3 files correctly.

Version 1.1.8 (29.09.2017):

  • Bug Fix: A multi-threading memory leak caused issues with larger numbers of input files.

Version 1.1.7 (05.09.2017):

  • The Multi-Threading Option offers now the selection of the maximum number of parallel audio transcoding processes, depending on the number of available physical and logical CPU cores.

Version 1.1.6 (02.04.2017):

  • Bugfix: FLAC encoding stopped while processing large files

Version 1.1.5 (16.03.2017):

  • FLAC encoding and multi-threading optimized

Version 1.1.4 (24.11.2016):

  • Additional functions within the FLAC metadata handler

Version 1.1.3 (19.11.2016):

  • Bug-Fix: FLAC metadata encoding issue fixed

Version 1.1.2 (16.11.2016):

  • Bug Fixes within the metadata handler.

Version 1.1.1 (17.08.2016):

  • Conversions into the AIFF format could lead to a wrong „Chunk Size“ meta data setting.

Version 1.1.0 (12.01.2016):

  • AudioRepair is now able to apply the “Compact Disk De-Emphasis” to linearize older CD-Records (until the early 90s) that used emphasis to achieve a better reduction of noise. Especially the suppression of audible quantization noise during playback was extremely important, because early analog to digital converters had only 14 significant bits.Some of todays CD-Rippers (e.g. iTunes) already apply the De-Emphasis if the correct Information Bit is set.

Version 1.0.14 (23.11.2015):

  • Bug-Fix: Windows 10 drag and drop issue fixed. 

Version 1.0.13 (22.10.2015):

  • It was not possible to have the same name for the input and output file. That has been fixed, but please be aware that you should choose a different output folder if you activate „Replace existing files“, otherwise the original files will be replaced.

Version 1.0.12 (08.10.2015):

  • Optimized Audio Processing Engine
  • A new Scrollbar, within the settings section, allows for a smaller application window.
  • The internal audio player got a pause button.
  • Now it is possible to work on single files and a whole folder structure. If an “Output Folder” is selected then the folder structure gets replicated otherwise the converted files are saved within the original folders by using the given naming convention.
  • The status display provides now the following information to assess whether a file has been repaired:
  • Passed – No repair necessary
  • ISPs Repaired – Inter Sample Peaks repaired
  • Filtered – Frequency Response repaired
  • Filtered and ISPs Repaired – Frequency Response & Inter Sample Peaks repaired

Version 1.0.11 (16.09.2015):

  • It is now possible to reduce the CPU-Load by activating single-threading, which limits the CPU usage to one core.

Version 1.0.10 (14.09.2015):

  • Bug Fix: Temp files are now directly removed after each conversion to avoid hard disk space issues in case of longer batch lists.

Version 1.0.9 (05.08.2015):

  • Bug Fix: Filenames with special characters (e.g. Japanese) caused a processing abort.
  • Optimization of the Processing Engine

Version 1.0.8 (15.07.2015):

  • FLAC issue with „Umlauts“ in meta information fields has been fixed.

Version 1.0.7 (14.07.2015):

  • A bug within the FLAC-Encoder of the Windows version has been fixed.
  • FLAC bug fixing. There where some FLAC files creating issues during conversion.

Version 1.0.6 (02.07.2015):

  • The Processing Engine has been optimized.
  • The Output Audio Format FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) has been added.
  • The Meta Data (album, cover picture, etc.) are preserved if the audio input and output file format is FLAC. 

Version 1.0.5 (11.06.2015):

  • The meta data (cover, album, etc.) are now preserved for AIFF -> AIFF transcoding.
  • Support for the AIFF-C/sowt format has been added. This is an uncompressed AIFF-C format (PCM, little-endian) used by some .aiff audio files.

Version 1.0.4 (02.06.2015):

  • Bug-Fix: MP3 file handling error fixed.

Version 1.0.3 (09.05.2015):

  • Bug-Fix: The input file size was limited to 2 GB. 

Version 1.0.2 (02.05.2015):

  • The processing speed has been heavily increased.
  • Further enhancements of the Inter Sample Peak Detection algorithm.
  • The THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortions + Noise) has been improved.

Version 1.0.1 (20.04.2015):

  • The Inter Sample Peak detection has been improved to avoid deviations from 0dB full scale.
  • We urgently recommend the update because the version 1.0.0 has a bug in the detection of the Inter Sample Peaks.

Version 1.0 (17.04.2015):

  • Initial release