Hypothesis Paper to support a deeper Technical Analysis of MQA by MQA Limited

This paper is on analyzing several technical aspects of MQA as conscientious as possible, but of course we are not omniscient. If our readers identify wrong statements, we would be more than happy to correct them in the next version of the hypothesis paper.

MQA is a highly proprietary solution and as of our knowledge there are no software encoders and decoders openly available that we could use to do a real-world analysis of the MQA audio compression scheme. For that reason, we have to rely on publicly available information (e.g. Meridian Patents, MQA-Technical Paper, etc.).

We position two hypotheses to get a grip on the proprietary technology behind MQA to provide the readers with sufficient information to do informed decisions whether MQA is a product they want to consume as music lovers.

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High Resolution or not High Resolution: That is the question!

Stephan Hotto XiVero GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany, 22.04.2015 High Resolution or not High Resolution: That is the question! What is and why should I use High Resolution Audio? The introduction of the Compact Disc in 1981 brought a digital standard of 16Bit resolution and...

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