The XiVero GmbH has been founded in 2013 and is specialized in developing and integrating customer specific software and hardware solutions within the digital signal processing domain.

The XiVero GmbH placed several DSP products especially within the end customer audio domain to support HiFi-Enthusiasts and professional audio engineers in analyzing and transforming of high resolution audio.


Analysis (MusicScope)
Repair (AudioRepair)
Transform (XiSRC, AMTRA, HPEX)


DAB+ Transmitter
COFDM Subcarrier Modulator
Software Defined Radios (AIS, ADS-B)


Commercial off the Shelf
Intel HW (Linux, OS X, Windows)
Embedded Systems (Linux)
Mobile Solutions (Android, iOS)


Big Data Mining
Pattern (Identification, Recognition)
Anomaly Detection
Predictive Maintenance


The right Algorithm for your demand


Filter (Convolve)
Signal Measurements


Adaptive Filtering
Channel Modelling


There are numerous use cases where the detection and recognition of patterns or deviations from known patterns is of utmost interest.

By using your recorded data to train “Deep Learning Algorithms” it is possible to analyze real-time data to recognize trained patterns. That gives you a very strong data analysis tool at your hands to avoid for example the failure of machine parts or even anticipate possible failures before there is a loss of production caused by parts that have a longer delivery time.

By using the established “Buzz Words” we apply Deep Machine Learning on your Big Data to make use of the knowledge that is already within your company, but buried in unrecognizable patterns.

Beyond that, the pattern recognition capabilities of neuronal networks are perfect for applications like smart cameras (biometrical identification and surveillance) and in audio products to identify dedicated acoustic signatures.


Our solutions process real-time digital signals up to the MHz frequency range, but also work on recorded sensor data to identify hidden patterns, like unusual behavior of systems.

Typical XiVero GmbH DSP-Products:

  • Audio Quality Measurement (e.g. Dynamic & Frequency Range, Vibration Analysis, etc.)
    Audio Repair, Sample and Bit Rate Converter
  • Spatial Processors to transform and condition audio signals for playback via mobile loudspeakers or headphones
  • Software Defined Radios (SDR):
    • Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB+) Open Source Integration
    • COFDM Subcarrier Modulation
    • ADS-B and AIS receiver


Our target hardware solutions are always “Commercial of The Shelf (COTS)” to assure the fastest integration and lowest development costs.

Furthermore, by using high level programming languages like JAVA, C++ and C we achieve the highest portability and the longest live cycle possible to keep the operational costs of your products as low as possible.

The ever growing world of mobile and IOT devices opens up tremendous possibilities to deploy digital signal processing solution on standard tablets, smartphones or even small and cheap embedded platforms like the Raspberry PI. We support you by providing customized Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) products.

The whole HW approach reduces the development time, the associated costs and most important the overall time to market.


SSP applies statistical methods to work on signals that does not contain clear patterns to be processed by classical DSP techniques.

We offer different statistical algorithms, especially signal prediction filters and channel modelling solutions.


Audio DSP Products

The XiVero GmbH placed several DSP products especially within the end customer audio domain to support HiFi-Enthusiasts and professional audio engineers in analyzing and transforming of high resolution audio.

MusicScope (https://www.xivero.com/musicscope/)

The MusicScope is a high precision measuring tool that works as an Audio-Microscope to visualize the different quality aspects of a music collection.

The implementation of international audio standards (EBU R128 and ITU-R BS-1770) allows a full comparability to professional studio software but with the advantage of being usable without the deep knowledge of an audio engineer. It is possible to analyze digital music but also analog sources like LPs or tape records.

Integrated modules (Jitter- and THD-Analyzer) allow the measurement of HiFi-Components (e.g. Digital to Analog Converters or Headphone Amplifiers).

In particular the market of High Resolution Audio provider is extremely confusing and the quality of the records fluctuates considerably. There are cases where standard CD records have been up-sampled and offered as high resolution 24 Bit / 96 kHz audio tracks.

The MusicScope makes it easy to identify those forgeries. Several customers have been able to place profound complains to get refunds for the downloaded alleged high resolution audio albums.

AudioRepair (https://www.xivero.com/audiorepair/)

The AudioRepair Tool works on the most prominent issues of today’s digital standard recordings (16Bit/44.1kHz) to enhance the listening experience.

AMTRA - Ambiophonics Transcoder (https://www.xivero.com/amtra/)

AMTRA is a spatial processor to transform the audio signals in a way to achieve a width and deep stereo reproduction by just using small Bluetooth loudspeakers.

HPEX - Headphone Experience (https://www.xivero.com/hpex/)

HPEX transforms your audio tracks for the most intense and engaging way of music enjoyment. The disturbing in-head localization is reduced, but without the adverse and bothersome effects of other known 3D-Headphone solutions.

Software Defined Radio Products

We develop and integrate Software Defined Radio (SDR) products by using cost efficient receiver and transmitter hardware.

Our existing product lineup includes DAB+ Open Source Transmitters as well as customer specific realizations of COFDM Subcarrier Modulators to place digital signals into analog radio transmissions. Furthermore, we are able to provide special receivers for applications like ADS-B or AIS.


Stephan Hotto

Stephan Hotto


  • Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Communication Engineering
  • Focus Areas:
    • International Project Management (PMI / PMP)
    • Product Management
    • Contract-, Financial-, Vendor-Management
    • Interims Management
    • Digital Signal Processing, Statistical Signal Processing
  • Software Development (JAVA, iOS)
    • Development and integration of DSP & SSP software algorithms
Sebastian Krempel

Sebastian Krempel


  • Software Engineer
  • Focus Areas:
    • C, C#, Java and Python
    • Software Architecture
    • Planning of SQL and noSQL Databases
  • Software Development:
    • Individual- and Embedded-Software
    • Backend Systems
    • Mobile Applications (Windows Phone / iOS)
    • Deep / Machine Learning
Lars Inger

Lars Inger


  • Profound knowledge of the Hard- and Software as well as Mobile App quality assurance (Coordination, Management etc.)
  • Numerous Projects over different domains:
    • Multimedia (Audio, Video, TV, ProAudio)
    • Biotechnology
    • Telecommunikation
    • Streaming Services / Internet Radio
    • Insurance / Self-care
    • Home Automation
  • ISTQB/TMAP certified


If you have a need for special signal processing algorithms to work on real-time or recorded data then we’re the right choice.


Tangible Use Cases:

  • Analysis of sensor data to recognize abnormal states like dangerous vibrations in machine parts
  • Analyzing and repairing of audio signals (e.g. Audio Forensics)
  • Audio based communication through air and water (Sonic Software Defined Radio)
  • Integration of High Frequency Software Defined Radios to implement numerous modulation technologies like COFDM
  • Smart imaging video signal processing
  • Data Mining by applying DSP, SSP and Deep Learning